Did you know that employees win lawsuits two-thirds of the time with the average employment practices verdict exceeding $250,000 and the cost of defense exceeding $100,000?*

Did you know that in a recent survey of companies, 57% said they had dealt with an employee-related lawsuit in the past five years?**

How do you protect your company from the time, expense and distress associated with employee-related lawsuits?

Information Every Business Needs to Know™

As an EBC client, you will benefit from our comprehensive online coverage of State and Federal HR and Benefits laws and regulations.

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The answer is simple… EBC’s HR & Benefits Essentials featuring thousands of pages of content about topics that every business needs to know including:

  • Employee Benefits — Federal and State requirements with concise explanations
  • Downloadable sample Employee Handbook
  • Human Resource and Employment information including interviewing, hiring and screening
  • Hundreds of downloadable forms, policies and checklists
  • Acronyms such as COBRA, ERISA, FMLA, HIPAA and others are clearly explained.
  • HR & Benefits Newsletter

All this content is provided in an easy-to-navigate, timesaving format that helps you be more proactive and knowledgeable.

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EBC’s HR & Benefits Essentials is the award-winning, comprehensive HR and benefits resource and reference library composed and maintained by employment lawyers and HR experts. The site covers topics such as:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Sample Employee Handbook
  • Hiring and Termination
  • Hundreds of Downloadable Forms
  • Handy Policies and Checklists
  • Links to hard-to-find Federal and State Government sites
  • Reference Desk
  • Personal Finance
  • Retirement/Estate Planning
  • News and Analysis
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • HR Dictionary
  • Glossaries of Terms

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